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Welcome to Crystalline Lemuria!

Hi Beautiful Soul!

My name is Timea, I am a Lemurian Energy & Crystal Healer, Rose Priestess & Soul Mentor. I have been on the path of self-discovery and healing for more than a decade now.

Although I have always been highly sensitive, intuitive and spiritually open to divine teachings since early childhood, it took me quite a bit of time to fully understand and embody all my spiritual gifts & life experiences. Throughout my own life I have learnt many valuable soul lessons that enables me today to offer my spiritual wisdom, guidance & support to others who need help navigating through their own inner journey. 

My passion is to be in service to all Beautiful Souls who need support while they're walking on their own spiritual path. My calling is to help anyone who wish to heal their heart, soul & life, who may need help discovering the blocks that prevent them to shine their own unique light. I am here to support them to awaken their sacred divinity, their slumbering higher wisdom and power that most of us have forgotten we have.

It's time for us all to start remembering why we are here for and living a life that is fulfilling for our heart, soul & body.

With Love,

Timea xxx


✧ Activate Your Lemurian Crystalline Codes ✧

With a Crystalline Activation & Mentoring Session

Lemurian Crystalline Activation is a unique ancient healing modality that was shown to me by mine Lemurian Priestess Guide and consists of two section:

a Lemurian Crystalline Energy Healing


a Crystal Grid Activation.

 Using many  Lemurian Crystals I create powerful crystal grids - based on sacred geometry patterns - on the body /etheric body which enables the whole chakra system to open up for receiving and anchoring higher frequency of crystalline light on the physical level. 

I follow the steps of the ancient Lemurian Healing Principles of LOVE, WISDOM and POWER during my sessions. Using the frequency of universal love ( the highest frequency in the whole universe), the crystals activate the body's natural healing process by clearing blockages and rebalance all energy centres. Once the energy flow reaches it's optimum the crystals start working on a deeper, cellular level creating changes in the body's DNA in order to awaken ancient but not old wisdom codes. The final step is all about anchoring and remembering all teachings that are encoded in all of us which gives us the power to reclaim our sovereignty and live according to our soul's true purpose.

Learn more about Lemuria...

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What can a Lemurian Crystalline Activation & Mentoring Session help you with?
The Lemurian Crystalline Energy Healing & Mentoring
  • It opens up your body's energetic centres - chakras for healing energies
  • It can help you discover  your underlying emotional blockages
  • It can help you heal your heart's deepest wounds 
  • It can help you release deep-rooted emotional pains 
  • It can help you deprogram/reprogram old, outdated beliefs and limitations 
  • It can help you integrate your shadow aspects and invite more Light in
  • It can help you elevate your consciousness to a whole new level
  • It can help you clear out old, stuck energies
  • It can help you bring the elements (air, fire, water, earth) back into balance in your body
  • It can help you create a strong connection with Mother Earth's Crystalline Frequencies
  • It can help you activate ancient Lemurian wisdom codes in your DNA
  • It can help you activate your Soul's desire & power 
.... and so much more
The Lemurian Crystal Grid Activation

Creates real Lemurian Crystal Alchemy  by using the powers of...

  • Lemurian Seed Crystals that - they hold the ancient knowledge & wisdom teachings of this high conscious civilisation- can activate your Lemurian remembrance  
  • Master Healer Crystals and other powerful crystals that were carefully selected specially for this healing modality makings sure that every chakras in your body gets full energy support
  • Sacred Geometry Pattern such as
    • The Seed of Life
    • Flower of Life
    • Merkabah
  • 5 platonic solids  in crystal form to balance the energies of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether in your body

So, if you are ready to receive some High Frequency Energies to Heal your Heart & Activate your Soul's Wisdom & Power then...

Sing up for my  Lemurian Crystalline Moon Circle Session
Purify, Heal and Balance Your Heart & Soul with High Frequencies  of Light & Activate Your Crystalline Body

Book a 1-1 Lemurian Crystalline Activation  


Heal and release your deepest wounds and energetic blocks & awaken your Soul's inner wisdom

Or if you are willing to dive even deeper in your Heart & Soul  and shift your whole life, your vibration & consciousness to the next level  then ...

3 Months Lemurian Crystalline Mentoring Programme
Master Your Crystalline Heart, Activate Your Crystalline Wisdom Embody Your Crystalline Power

If you are still wondering what more you could gain from a session with me then here are some examples...

  •  It may help you feel more confident

  • It may help you increase your self-worth so that you can finally feel and believe that you deserve anything and everything that your heart & soul desire because you are worthy and enough 

  •  It may help you increase your self-love you might find yourself taking a better care of yourself and your needs, accepting yourself just the way you are

  •  It may help you feel more motivated, more passionate for life, for your desires

  • It may help you feel happy, joyful & more content

  • It may help you create and maintain healthy boundaries so that you can feel empowered

  • It may help you understand your emotional self better so that you can navigate through challenging times with more ease & grace 

  • It may help you resolve old traumas/wounds that you can embody more of your own Light

  • It may help you release karmic cords so that you can fell free again and move forward in life

  • It may help you heal your relationships so that you can live a more loving, compassionate and harmonious life

  • It may help you release energetic blocks so that you can gain more spiritual, mental & emotional clarity 


What people say about me

I recently received a distant healing from Timea and it was a beautiful and powerful healing.I am based in Australia so when Timea was doing the healing I was actually asleep however I woke up feeling rather alert, grounded, very in my body and just aware to the point I even thought as soon as I woke up I felt 'different'. 

When I checked my email that morning I had an email outlining how the healing went and I clicked as to why I felt so good upon waking. Timea also mentioned about heart chakra work which had been coming up a lot for me in my own meditations and intuition. I feel Timea is very intuitive and thorough with her healing. I felt really calm and grounded upon receiving her healing email knowing that all is well and love reading back the information she mentions. I'd strongly recommend Timea to help support you on your healing or awakening journey. 

Vanessa Fleming - Australia

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