The Story of Lemuria 

the land of Love,Wisdom and Power

Lemuria or Mu (both mean the same) said to be first high counscious civilization on Earth inhabited by Lemurians. Lemuria's roots are going back millions of years to the times when some of today's continents were one mass land, a supercontinent, called Gondwana land. This land consisted of part of today's South America, Africa (Madagascar), Sri -Lanka, Australia, and the South Pacific islands.




Lemurians were spiritually highly evolved beings, pure love & light. Their consciousness was much more advanced than ours, they were very intuitive, natural healers. They were aware of the secrets of the universe and they could easily tap into its cosmic wisdom library known as the Akashic Records. They were closely connected to other Star Beings such as The Pleiadeans and Arcturians and the Angelic Realms. They used sacred geometry and quantum physics for their healing practices as well as to preserve their attributes in the human DNA for the future. We still have these DNA strains in our genes but unfortunately, over time many of our Lemurian traits got inactivated.


The Lemurians had a very strong connection with Mother Earth and the elements, their physical body was less dense than ours, more light-infused aka crystalline. They used lots of crystals to keep themselves grounded and connected to Gaia. They were the first Shamans on this planet and their spiritual purpose was to create a divine matriarchal civilization that vibrates at the highest frequency filled with love, peace & harmony and co-exists and co-create with nature to support Mother Earth on her spiritual ascension.


When their spiritual work was completed and the Planet was ready to go through changes (continent shifts) their land started sinking. The Lemurians knew what was happening and in order to leave behind their wisdom, they started to preserve their knowledge by encoding their wisdom in beautiful crystals we known today as Lemurian Seed crystals.










They started migrating to different parts of the world to find a new home. Some of them settled down on the South Pacific Islands. Some of them were amongst the high Priests/Priestesses who build a new ancient civilization known as Atlantis. Many more of them migrated to North America and isolated themselves inside a mountain called Mt. Shasta, waiting for the time to arise again when humanity's consciousness will reach a certain level so their DNA can be activated to awaken their ancient Lemurian wisdom codes. It is said that many indigenous civilisation that came after them still carry original Lemurian attributes and the dormant knowledge of their Original Teachings in their DNA. 


The time has come now when more and more modern human started to awaken, remember and embody their ancient Lemurian's traits and knowledge in order to bring a new era on Earth where all living things will coexist in peace, harmony and love.

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Lemurian Priestess