Lemurian Crystalline Activation Sessions
Heal Your Heart, Activate Your Soul & Discover Your Power

If you are a Sensitive, Awakening Being who is ready to...

  • receive a unique healing modality that will accelerate your consciousness to the next level

  •  to open up, heal and discover your heart & soul on a deeper level

  • anchor high frequencies of light & activate ancient Lemurian wisdom codes in your body

  •  reconnect to your Soul's Power & the Earth's Crystalline Grid

  • start living in the 5D reality in alignment with your true purpose

...then Lemurian Crystalline Activation Session is for You!

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What are the benefits of a Lemurian Crystalline Activation Session ?

  • you will start anchoring deeper emotional awareness of yourself and others around you which will shift your vibration to the highest level of frequency in the universe known as unconditional LOVE 

  • your will start attracting a life filled with compassion, love and joy which will shift your reality to the Crystalline consciousness 

  • a healed, balanced and grounded  Heart & Soul will help you to fully express your true self and start living your life accordingly to your purpose  

  • you'll learn to create healthy boundaries in your relationships which will make you feel empowered

  •  getting your power back will make you feel more motivated, driven, passionate, courageous so you can start creating and manifesting whatever your heart & soul desire

  • healed relationships will break karmic circles in your life that will make you feel free again

Having a Lemurian Crystalline Activation session will help you to overcome some spiritual, mental and emotional struggles, such as...

  • lack of Self-confidence - fear of speaking up & expressing your true self 

  • lack of Self-worth - fear of stepping up for yourself, feeling that you are not enough 

  • lack of self-love - putting everybody else's needs first, feeling guilty to nurture yourself

  • lack of joy, motivation, passion in your life

  • unable to keep healthy boundaries either in your personal or professional life

  • unable to overcome emotional challenges such as fear, anger, sadness, shame, grief 

  • have unresolved emotional traumas/wounds that drain your energy such as unhealed inner child issues, abusive relationships

  • keep experiencing the same karmic lessons that keep you stuck from moving forward

  • stuck in unhealed karmic relationships and you can't ascend spiritually

  • have spiritual blocks like limiting beliefs, unhealthy genetic patterning

  • release blocks to accelerate your spiritual growth

What to expect from a Lemurian Crystalline Activation Session ?

You will receive high-frequency Lemurian Crystalline Energy Healing unique to your vibration combined with  Lemurian Crystalline Grid Activation using powerful crystals selected especially for this healing modality. I will be creating powerful grids for you according to your needs, based on sacred geometry patterns to further elevate your Soul's spiritual ascension.

The healing and activation will happen in 3 steps following ancient Lemurian principles LOVE, WISDOM & POWER.

Step 1

is about opening up, purifying and balancing your energy centers. By healing your deepest wounds and releasing old stuck energies from your body and energetic field that don't serve you anymore you'll create space for the highest frequency in the universe which is unconditional LOVE to pour in and spread through your entire being so that you can attract deeper love, compassion and harmony in your life

Step 2

is the stage where the new frequencies that have come through for you will start activating and awakening ancient WISDOM codes within your DNA which will start creating fundamental changes in your spirit, heart, body, and mind on a cellular level. Your consciousness will shift to a higher level as you start awakening your Soul's deepest aspects by remembering who you truly are and why are you here for

Step 3

the final step is for anchoring, embodying all activations on the soul level.  Rediscovering the deepest, long-forgotten parts of your Soul will give your POWER back. It'll open new doorways for you to create a purpose-driven life you always desired. You'll be able to reconnect with and hear the voice of your true essence which will never let you settle for less than what you deserve

What exactly are Lemurian Crystalline Energy Healing & Grid Activation and how do they work?
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Lemurian Crystalline Energy Healing 
is a unique ancient healing modality that was shown to me by a Lemurian Priestess. I was guided to combine powerful energetic tools (crystals and crystal grids) with my Reiki healing practices to create a more effective healing process that can make fundamental changes in the body on a cellular level. I channel specific energies through and program powerful master healer crystals like Lemurian Seed, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz (just to mention a few) to open up, clear and harmonize your whole chakra system & energy field rapidly in order to enable you to release old stagnant energies, emotional blocks on a deeper level and rebalances, revitalize, re-energize your entire system.
What is so special about Lemurian Seed Crystals?
Each Lemurian Seed crystals hold a very specific vibration as they are all encoded with ancient Lemurian wisdom teachings that help you to awaken and activate ancient Lemurian wisdom codes within your heart, body, and soul. They reprogram your DNA in order to help you remember all your gifts and talents, reawaken your inner wisdom, your priestess essence. They reconnect you with Mother Earth's Crystalline Grid and her elemental energies.
 Lemurian Crystalline Grid Activation 
was also shown to me by my Lemurian guide. She taught me how to place these crystals on the body (energetic body) creating individual crystal grids for each chakra point. I follow sacred geometry patterns such as:
  • The Seed of Life
  • Flower of Life
  • Merkabah
when placing crystals on the body following these patterns, it creates more amplified vibrations to enhance, anchor and activate the crystals' healing/teaching properties. I also use the five 5 platonic solids in crystal form to bring in and balance the elemental energies of  Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether in the body.
These Lemurian energy techniques are highly effective for Distant Healing as we are working with the Energetic Body/ Lightbody.

If you are ready for receiving high-frequency healing to activate and reconnect with your Soul's wisdom & Power then...

Book a Lemurian Crystalline Activation a/o Mentoring Session with me which will take place via Zoom video call


Book a
60 min Lemurian Crystalline Activation Session 


Heal your traumas, release energetic blocks, awaken and remember to your Soul's inner wisdom and power 


Book a
60 minute Lemurian Crystalline Mentoring Session 


Discover your limitations, emotional blocks and mental obstacles that prevents you from moving forward in life


Book a

90 minute Lemurian Crystalline Activation


Mentoring Session 


Heal your traumas, release energetic blocks, awaken and remember to your Soul's inner wisdom & power, get clear on your highest path

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