Lemurian Crystalline Earth Meditation / Visualisation 

Create Space in Your Mind, Heart & Womb for a High Frequency Vision, 

Activate Your Lemurian Remembrance to Manifest a 5D Crystalline Reality

Hello and welcome Beautiful Soul!

In this meditation/visualisation, I will invite you to create a sacred space in your mind, heart and soul so that you can welcome and embrace a vision I have been shown and guided to share with as many of you as possible in order to give you a picture of an available high vibrational reality that we can create for ourselves now in the midst of a misfunctioning and  collapsing world.

I'll take you on a journey through my own inner vision in order to activate your inner vision, your remembrance so that you can awaken your slumbering memories of a reality that we all once experienced here on Earth.

I will invite you during this meditation/visualisation to become a co-creator of a new 5D Crystalline World that we are called to bring forth during this lifetime, not just for our benefit but for the future generation of humans who also called to experience life on this unique planet we call Earth.

Enjoy your journey!

With Love,


Creating Crystalline Lemuria med/vis

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