Join our weekly distance healing group

to Heal, Balance Your Energy Centers & Activate Your Lemurian DNA Codes

Hello and welcome Beautiful Soul!

I am so glad that you have decided to join our sacred virtual healing group space I have created for you all to receive a powerful

30-minute Distance Lemurian Energy Healing & Crystal Grid Activation.

I run this healing once a week, every Wednesday at 8 pm GMT (check your timezone here).


You don't need to do anything apart from leaving a few details below when joining, so I know who and where to send the healing. You will receive the healing once your physical body is in a relaxed state. 


I will also send you a short feedback the day after the healing to let you know about the outcome.



What to expect from a Lemurian Group Energy Healing &

Crystal Gridding?

During the healing, I will

∆  balance and harmonise your chakras

∆  clear blockages and stuck old energies from your chakras

∆  remove energetic cords and attachments from your etheric body


∆  activate Lemurian Crystalline Codes in your body

 ∆  reconnect you to Mother Earth's Crystalline Grid




After healing, you will receive

 ∆  short feedback about how your healing went

∆  what needed removing/balancing/activating

∆ a short personalised message from my Spirit Guides


What people say about me

I recently received a distant healing from Timea and it was a beautiful and powerful healing.I am based in Australia so when Timea was doing the healing I was actually asleep however I woke up feeling rather alert, grounded, very in my body and just aware to the point I even thought as soon as I woke up I felt 'different'. 

When I checked my email that morning I had an email outlining how the healing went and I clicked as to why I felt so good upon waking. Timea also mentioned about heart chakra work which had been coming up a lot for me in my own meditations and intuition. I feel Timea is very intuitive and thorough with her healing. I felt really calm and grounded upon receiving her healing email knowing that all is well and love reading back the information she mentions. I'd strongly recommend Timea to help support you on your healing or awakening journey. 

Vanessa Fleming - Australia