Lemurian Crystalline Transformational Programme

Master Your Crystalline Heart, Activate Your Crystalline Wisdom


Embody Your Crystalline Power

Are you a Sensitive, Awakening Being who is yearning to...

  • rapidly shift your vibration and your consciousness to the next level in order to create and live the life you always wanted, a life that is in full alignment with your highest path?

  •  heal your deepest wounds and traumas in order to be able to anchor & hold more unconditional LOVE in your body so that you can live fully from your Crystalline Heart?

  • unlock & activate your divine ancient Lemurian WISDOM codes in your body, heart & soul in order to remember, rediscover and embody your true & authentic Crystalline Soul- Self?

  • awaken your Crystalline Womb, the centre of your innermost creating force, your sacred feminine POWER in order to reclaim your sovereign divinity?

... Then I have good news for you!

It is possible for You to rapidly anchor & embody higher level of consciousness, reconnect with your sacred inner wisdom, reclaim your divine feminine power & start living your life according to your cosmic blueprint within weeks!
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I know it may seems like a mission impossible right now, especially if you are experiencing some of these very common emotional, mental, spiritual struggles at the moment:

  • lack of Self-confidence you fear of speaking up & expressing your true self 

  • lack of Self-worth, you fear of stepping up for yourself, feeling that you are not enough 

  • lack of self-love because you put everybody else's needs first & feel guilty to nurture yourself

  • lack of joy, motivation, passion in your life because you're not in alignment with your higher path

  • unable to keep healthy boundaries either in your personal or professional life

  • struggling to overcome emotional challenges such as fear, anger, sadness, shame, grief 

  • have unresolved emotional traumas/wounds that drain your energy due to unhealed inner child issues, abusive relationships, co-dependency etc..

  • keep experiencing the same karmic lessons that keep you stuck, can't move forward in life

  • stuck in unhealed karmic relationships that prevents you to accelerate your spiritual growth

  • have mental/emotional/spiritual blocks like limiting beliefs, old thinking patterns, unhealed ancestral trauma

I totally understand what you may be going through right now Beautiful Soul! 

I went through all these challenges myself. I too, had to learn how to embrace my own shadows, master my heart and listen to the whisper of my soul in order to create a fulfilling life for myself. Therefore, I know how extremely difficult and overwhelming it can be to manage through lifetime periods like this without help and that's why I'm here for ...

My name is Timea, I am a Lemurian Crystal Alchemist, Rose Priestess & Soul Journey Mentor. 

My passion is to provide support to those who need a safe space and a helping hand while walking on their spiritual path of healing and self-discovery. I am here to help Souls to activate their inner wisdom and power that most of us have forgotten we have.  I'm here to help them remember who they truly are and anchor divine love & light in their heart, soul & body, so that they can start creating and living a life they always wanted.

 Therefore, I created a 3 months (13 week) programme for You, Beautiful Soul so that you can become the living embodiment 

of Lemuria's sacred principles of Love, Wisdom & Power !


During our 13 weeks together I will fully support You to heal & transform Your life for the highest good by....

  • raising your vibration and consciousness to the next level

  •  receiving & anchoring high frequency of Light codes in your body in order to awaken & heal your Crystalline Heart

  • addressing your heart's deepest painsinner child wounds so that you can overcome your your traumas

  • mastering your frequency and your emotional self in order to stay grounded and present so that you can live from your heart every single day

  •  reconnecting your heart with the Lemurian Crystalline Grid in order to maintain a strong connection with Mother Earth

  • reconnecting you with the Elemental & Cosmic Realms

  • unlocking & activating divine ancient Lemurian wisdom codes in your body, in your DNA in order to awaken your Crystalline Soul Self

  • regaining and maintaining a strong connection with your own inner guidance system, your inner wisdom & intuition

  • recognising and releasing limiting beliefs, old behaviour patterns, old programs that are not in alignment with you anymore

  •  re-programming your belief system, strengthening your confidence & discovering your Soul's core values

  • creating and maintaining healthy boundaries, clearing power plays and unhealthy dynamics out of your relationships

  • releasing old karmic cords & healing traumas in your ancestral lineage

  • awakening your Crystalline Womb the centre of your innermost creating force, your divine feminine power

  • reconnecting with your womb's wisdom in order to remember and get in alignment with your true soul purpose

  • rediscovering your divine feminine essence, your true, authentic self so that you can unapologetically shine your Light out in the world

  • awakening the Priestess within so that you can be a living embodiment of Lemuria's sacred principles of Love, Wisdom & Power

What to expect from the 13 weeks of Lemurian Crystalline Mentoring Programme?

The 13 weeks programme will consist of 8 mentoring calls every fortnight via zoom video call.

All mentoring calls will include a Lemurian Energy Healing & a full body Crystal Grid Activation as a part of our sessions except our first and last calls.

Our first session will be a 90 min Soul Mapping Session where we'll dive deep into your soul in order to reveal your Soul's divine blue print and discover the blocks, struggles, traumas & wounds that are currently preventing you from manifesting a life that is in full alignment with your Soul's purpose.

Our last call will be a reflection & summary of the programme where I can answer your last questions, we can discuss your possible paths for further developments, and where you will receive a blessing from my Lemurian Priestess Guide. 

In between calls you will enjoy my full support via emails, messages, voice notes etc... I will also provide additional work books, meditations, visualisations and informational videos to support your growth. 


The first month is all about working with the Crystalline Heart in order to awaken and embody your Lemurian Crystalline Love.

During our first month together I will:

  • guide you through how to open, purify, heal, balance & ground your heart on a regular basis

  • help you release old pains & wounds, stagnant emotions so that you can create space and invite new higher vibrational frequencies  into your heart, soul & mind as well as in your physical space.

  • support you on how to reconnect with Mother Earth, nature and the Elemental Realms in order to help you maintain high state of consciousness in your everyday life

  • give you guidance on how to do shadow work in order to uncover & embrace hidden aspects of your heart

  • help you to heal your inner child self so that you can liberate yourself from unconscious behaviour/thinking patterns

  • teach you everything I know about how to become the master of your heart and emotions so that you can navigate through every day life's challenges with more ease & grace.

The second month is all about working with the Crystalline Soul in order to awaken and embody your Lemurian Crystalline Wisdom.

During our second month together I will :

  • support you on how to create & maintain healthy boundaries, clear power plays and unhealthy dynamics & release karmic cords

  • give you guidance on how to re-program your believe system, rediscover your true authentic self, awaken your inner guidance in order to regain your self trust & increase your intuition

  • help you to boost your inner strength & confidence, discover your core values in order to take full responsibility for your own life and live it with integrity

  • support you on how to reconnect with your soul & your higher self so that you can follow a higher guidance so that you can discover your higher purpose

  • help you to further explore your Soul's remembrance by recalling & healing past life events.

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The third month is all about working with the Crystalline Womb in order to awaken and embody your Lemurian Crystalline Power.

During our third month together I will:

  • help you to awaken your divine feminine energies within so that you can reconnect with your own priestess self

  • introduce you to womb healing and teach you how to use your womb's power to release old traumas & energetic cords that has been stored in your sacred womb space

  • give you guidance on how to balance & maintain your womb's energies with ancient shamanic practises

  • support you to achieve divine union within by healing & balancing your divine masculine-feminine energies 

  • help you to reprogram shame around sexuality 

  • give you guidance on how to know & follow your sacred womb cycles and sync ancient priestess rituals with it in order to manifest your deepest desires

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Are you ready to step on and start walking your highest path that is in full alignment with the 5D Crystalline Consciousness?

Are ready to make commitments to transform your Life, your

Heart & Soul so that you can reclaim your Divine Sovereignty?

Are you ready to be the Living Embodiment of Sacred Lemuria's Love, Wisdom & Power? 

If your answer is yes, yes, yes then let's do this together!

Investment of the 3 months

Lemurian Transformational Mentoring Programme


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