Lemurian Crystalline Moon Circle

Purify, Heal and Balance Your Heart and Soul with High Frequencies of Lights 


 Activate Your Crystalline Body


✧ Welcome to Crystalline Lemuria's Moon Circle ✧

I am so happy and excited that you're interested in joining our healing circle that takes place every fortnight around the time of the New & Full Moons of each month. The sessions will be held via zoom group call and will last approx. 60 min. (see exact dates & times below)
Each session expected to be a bit different, depending on the topic of the circle, the actual energies of the collective, the Moon and the higher guidance I receive. 

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This group healing circle was created to provide you a safe container in order to hold you all in a high vibrational state, while you're all being guided to go on a sacred inner journey so that you can heal your heart, body and mind & reconnect with your soul.

The moon circles are not just designed to help you raise your vibration, your consciousness & accelerate your healing process by harnessing and working with the energies of the Moon, but to provide tools & teach you different energy healing techniques in order for you to become an Empowered Divine Woman who you're always meant to be.

What to expect from a Lemurian Crystalline Moon Circle session?

During each session a   

 Lemurian Distant Energy Healing & Crystal Grid Activation

 will be run for the whole group


Everyone one of you will be guided through some energetic practices that are designed to help you with :

purifying, balancing & harmonising your energy centres 

 ➺ uncovering, healing & releasing hidden emotional blocks, energetic attachments

➺ reprogramming old, outdated beliefs & behaviour patterns

 ➺ creating more space in your body for receiving high vibrational Lemurian Crystalline Energies  

➺ opening up new gateways in your heart & soul so you can gain access to higher level of consciousness

➺ clearing old timelines, releasing/cutting old karmic cords

➺ awakening and embodying your Divine Feminine Energies

➺ activating & increasing your Lemurian Remembrance

➺ reconnecting with Mother Earth's Lemurian 5D Crystalline Grid to anchor more Light

We will be working with :

✧ Diamond Light Frequencies

✧ Rainbow Light Frequencies

✧ Crystalline Light Frequencies

✧ Crystalline Rose Frequencies

...and many more, depends on the group's energy and higher guidance...

Investment options:

£15 / session - live event

£20 /session - access to live event + replay 



X. Session - Visiting the Elemental Realm of Lemuria Part 1. - The Sylphs
30th May New Moon in Gemini @11 AM (GMT -check your time zone here)

During this session we'll briefly go through the current cosmic weather and invite in the New Moon's energy to help us discover in what area of our lives our true authentic self still awaits to be set free & still craves free self expression. We'll go on a journey to meet the Air Spirits of the Elemental realms, The Sylphs, in order to invite their energy in our lives to get inspiration, to ask for their support so that we can create much needed changes in our lives & to help us remember and embody our truest, authentic Crystalline Self.

Available Replays of Previous Events 

I. Session - Welcome to the Crystalline Healing Temples of Lemuria 
 REPLAY OF THE Nov 4. Super New Moon in Scorpio EVENT
This session is about: Connecting you to Lemuria and the Lemurian Grid & Activating your Lemurian Crystalline Roots - Planting Seeds for New Beginnings

Replay of the 1st session available for purchase click here

II. Session - Visit The Crystalline Healing Waters of Lemuria
REPLAY OF THE  Nov 19. Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus EVENT
This session is about: Creating space in your Heart, Body & Soul for the new Crystalline Energies -Release the old in order to become and Anchor of Light for New Earth

Replay of the 2nd session available for purchase click here

III. Session - Journey to the Crystalline Etheric Temples of Lemuria
REPLAY  OF  THE  Dec 4. Super New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius EVENT 
During this session we are going on an Etheric Adventure to Activate your Lemurian Wisdom & Manifestation codes. This session will help you gain crystal clear clarity on your truest path, your real purpose, envision your dreams & desires, get aligned with your highest potential in order to manifest your New Crystalline Future.

Replay of the 3rd session available for purchase click here

IV. Session - Visit the Mothers of ancient Lemuria & the Spirit of Mother Gaia
REPLAY OF THE DEC 17. Full Moon in Gemini EVENT
This session is about: Release and let go of any mental/emotional/spiritual limitations that prevents you from living according to your deepest truth and embodying your truest, authentic Crystalline Self. Discover and bring forth your dormant ancient Lemurian qualities, gifts and talents in order to become the way shower of the Crystalline New Earth.

Replay of the 4th session available for purchase click here

V. Session - Visit the Temple of the Ancient Crystalline Mothers
This session is about: Connecting you with your Lemurian Crystalline Mother aspects to help you nurture your inner child back to wholeness & to find your own Crystalline Home within again. Forgive and release any resentment that's been preventing you to open up and live from your Crystalline Heart & Soul.

Replay of the 5th session available for purchase click here

VI. Session - Visit the Temple of the Lemurian Crystalline Healers 
During this session we briefly look at the current cosmic energies and their influence on our mental/emotional/spiritual and physical reality. We use Virgo's energies to help us get a grounded, honest picture on our current selves and reality. We harness the Full Moon's energies in order to illuminate and help us release any deep rooted beliefs, stagnant energies that's been sabotaging our crystalline manifesting abilities. We look at our relationship with our inner most critic that restricts our ability to express our sacred truths & use our crystalline voice, often preventing us to speak a higher vibrational future into reality.

Replay of the 6th session available for purchase click here

VII. Session - Visit the Crystalline Sun Temple of Lemuria 
During this session we are going to work with the energies of the fiery Cosmic Ram, Aries, in order to help us embody our Crystalline Power. We'll also harness New Moons energy to help us set new intentions, to plant new seeds that can flourish into our higher vibrational, Crystalline Future. We’ll be working with our Crystalline Roots as well in order to create a secure & sage foundation for our body, heart & soul so that we could create out of love instead of fear... 

Replay of the 7th session available for purchase
click here

VIII. Session - Visit the Crystalline Heart Temple of Lemuria
During this session we are going to look at our relationship with ourselves and others around us & our relationship with LOVE. We’ll harness the full moon’s energy to help us forgive and release some old, outdated energies in order to detox and heal our emotional body.
We'll invite Libra's energies to teach us all about love & balance. In order to restore our Crystalline Heart we must look at these aspects of our life so that we can create a more heart based, soul aligned, high counscious Crystalline Life.

Replay of the 8th session available for purchase click here

IX. Session - Visit the Crystalline Earth Temple of Lemuria

During this session we'll aim to get crystal clear clarity on what areas of our lives are calling us for change & transformation. We'll have a look at the areas where we are called to stay open for some upgrades in order to harness these highly charged crystalline energies of the Eclipse Season. We'll have a look at our manifestation codes as well to see when it comes to (self) love, money and other 3D aspects of our lives, how deeply, wholeheartedly and truthfully are we able to embrace our earthly path in order to embody our Crystalline Human Self.

Replay of the 9th session available for purchase click here

Read some of the possible side effects below, that you may experience after a Lemurian Crystalline Moon Circle...

  •  You may start feeling more confident

  • These sessions may increase your self-worth so that you can finally feel and believe that you deserve anything and everything that your heart & soul desire, because you are worthy and enough 

  •  The sessions may increase your self-love, you might find yourself taking a better care of yourself and your needs, accepting yourself just the way you are

  •  You may start feeling more motivated, more passionate for your life 

  • These sessions may make you feel happy, joyful & more content

  • They may help you create and maintain healthier boundaries so that you can feel more empowered

  • You may start feeling that you understand your emotional self better so that you can navigate through challenging times with more ease & grace 

  • The sessions may help you work through old traumas/wounds that you can embody more of your own Light

  • They may help you release karmic cords so that you can fell free again and move forward in life

  • These sessions may help you start healing your relationships so that you can live a more loving, compassionate and harmonious life

  • You may start to release energetic blocks so that you can gain more spiritual, mental & emotional clarity 

  • They'll help you activate your unique Lemurian remembrance and bring your long lost gifts & talents forth

  • You may be able to tap and dive deeper into your sacred feminine aspects

  • These sessions may help you increase your creativity and passion for life

  • You may start feeling more connected to Mother Earth, Humanity & the whole Universe


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