Stunning framed crystal grid to balance and activate the 7 chakras.


You will receive this crystal grid frame cleansed & programmed with the intension to harmonise and activate all chakras in your body. The grid will be charged with Reiki Energy too.


It has 4 Lemuria Seed Crystal mini points in order to help you awaken and embody your Lemurian traits. (Lemurian Seed Crystals are known as the record keepers of the ancient Lemurian culture, they are encoded with ancient wisdom codes. )


Crystals used for the grid : amethyst (crow chakra), lapis lazuli (3rd eye chakra), larimar (throat chakra), rose quartz (heart chakra), citrine (solar plexus chakra), rainbow jasper (sacral chakra), obsidian (root chakra). Mini clear quartz crystals were used to amplify the grids properties. 


Sacred geometry pattern is hand drawn (not printed!).


Frame size 20cm x 20 cm

Chakra Balancing Crystal Grid (framed)